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What is an EICR?

Updated: Feb 9

An EICR, otherwise known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report assesses the condition of your electrical installation. It is a formal document produced by a qualified electrician. The purpose of the report is to determine whether the installation is safe for continued use or if any improvements are required for safety. Essentially its an MOT for your electrical installation.

EICR certificate

The dangers of electricity aren't always obvious and it takes an experienced eye to spot potential issues. The electrician might make observations, each observation will be given a code according to severity. Codes C1 and C2 will instantly warrant an unsatisfactory report.

EICR Codes

C1= Danger Present

C2= Potentially Dangerous

C3= Improvement recommended

FI= Further Investigation Required

Who needs an EICR?

Every electrical installation should have regular inspections, regardless of what type of installation you have. The recommended intervals between inspections varies depending on what the installation is used for. It is recommended that a maximum of a 10 year interval between inspections for homeowners.

Businesses and landlords are required by law to have their electrical installations checked. EICR's for these installations are required more regularly, usually between 3-5 years, dependant on the type of installation.

How much is an EICR and how long does it take?

The cost of an EICR depends on the complexity and size of the installation. An average two bedroom house you would usually take between 2-4 hours and you could pay anywhere between £150-£200.

Unfortunately we're hearing of electricians conducting up to six inspections a day!!

It's impossible to get a complete overview of an installation in these timeframes, please be wary of seemingly bargain quotes.

More information on inspection and testing required can be found on

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