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How do I find a good electrician near me?

Reliable electricians in Brighton

Having tradespeople in our homes and businesses can feel intrusive and requires a level of trust. No one wants to be living in a building site for what seems like an eternity, or worse still, left with a botched job. Nightmare situations can be avoided with a little research. There are plenty of good, honest contractors to choose from.

You just need to know where and how to look for them.

Here we will discuss and hopefully give some guidance on how to find a good, trustworthy electrician (near me).


1. WORD OF MOUTH Finding a good electrician could be as simple asking around. A recommendation from a close friend, family member or even a social media post is like gold dust. If someone you know has used an electrician and they were good enough to warrant a recommendation, then you know they’re good, especially if you can look at their work for yourself. There are also sites like,, social media and even the electricians own website where you can review their profiles, work history and customer reviews. Consistently happy customers means they are doing something right!


Any electrician considered for work should be registered to a competence persons scheme. There's nothing in law which states that your electrician needs to be registered, however it is highly recommended. Particularly as many works in homes fall under Part P Building Regulations, these works should be notified, by law, to local building control. Members of a scheme can handle all of this for you. Also registered members are regularly assessed on competence, health and safety policies and adequate insurance. Which can offer you confidence in the contractors working practices.

You can find local registered electricians by searching on the NICEIC or NAPIT websites.


It is recommended to get at least 3 quotes for any major works. Ensure the quotes are broken down and are as detailed as possible, ie to include, what works will actually be done, how long the it will take and what materials will be used.

Remember you want "like for like" quotes for accurate comparisons.

This is your chance to analyse them and ask questions.

  • Are they professional?

  • Do they arrive on time?

  • Are they informative and give detail on how the works will be undertaken?

  • Is it a written or verbal quote?

  • Do they offer a guarantee for their work?

If you have any queries don't be afraid to ask questions, a good electrician will always be prepared to give you all the information you need. If something doesn't feel right, walk away, and look for someone else.


Top tips

- Never choose an electrician on price alone. Paying more money doesn't guarantee good workmanship, conversely, receiving a bargain bottom quote could mean corners are cut or inferior products used.

We all like a bargain but price shouldn't be the deciding factor.

We suggest analysing their professionalism, knowledge and reputation before hiring anyone.

- The wiring regulations state that before any electrical work is carried out it should be ensured your existing installation is safe for the additional work. This requires some inspections, tests and calculations before said works can start. You should be made aware of this and appropriate time allowed to assess your installation. Failure to do so could lead to serious consequences. Any electrician who doesn't follow this regulation should never be considered.

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