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Smart Home Installation

Smart homes are automated systems that anticipate your needs and empowers you to fine-tune your environment. Allowing homeowners to control home systems, from lighting, heating, security to blinds.

With the speed at which technology is advancing, the possibilities really are endless.

Why not give us a call and tell us about your smart home ideas, however small or ambitious. 

Electricians in Brighton & Hove, Sussex

Electricians in Brighton smart home installation.

What benefits come with Smart Home Installation?

Automated Lightning

The ability to set lighting scenes, dim your lights from the sofa or turn all of your lights of when you leave home through geofencing or a 'last man out' switch are some great options available.

Our personal favourite security feature allows homeowners to set lighting schedules when they are away from home, creating the illusion someone is within the property.


With the cost of energy on the rise, having a smart heating system installed could save you between 10-20% on your utility bills.

The smart system only activates when needed, it knows when you're home, your heating preferences and environmental conditions.

Automated Blinds

Automated blinds are a great addition to any home, they work seamlessly alongside your lighting and heating preferences.

Let's say you preset a desired lighting level for a room, the smart system will detect when natural light is available, open the blinds and dim the lights.

Now that's pretty cool!

Home Sensors

The installation of sensors around your home offers even more flexibility. 

Sensors can detect when a room is vacant, and if desired, shut down heating and lighting automatically. They can switch on entrance lights when guests arrive or act as deterrents for potential break-ins.


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